Game Development with Unity


The Game Storm Studios Pvt. Ltd. joins hands with Unity Technologies to produce best Game Developers in Pakistan. Game Storm Studios is the first game studio in Pakistan which is Unity Authorized Training & Certification Center. Our Unity Certified Trainers will help you get along the training and live game development environment will help you understand Unity quickly and easily.

If you are passionate enough to develop games then this opportunity is definitely for you. Unlock the ultimate perk for your career in game development.

Become a Unity Certified Developer and show employers you have the Unity skills they are looking for to improve your chances of landing that dream job doing what you love most.

Validate your knowledge of foundational game design and programming skills against a benchmark of proficiency for game production with Unity and earn a professional credential to help communicate your abilities to employers.

On successful completion of Training you will get a Certificate of Course Completion and if you successfully clear Unity Certified Developer Exam you will get an e-certificate, valid for two years and Listing in the Unity Certification Lookup.

Certification Syllabus

  1. Welcome to Unity
  2. Exploring the Unity User Interface
  3. Using Game Objects and Assets
  4. Managing Projects and Assets
  5. Preparing Assets for Implementation
  6. Assembling the Game Level
  7. Lighting in Games
  8. Baking Lighting in Game Production
  9. Animating Game Objects in the Unity Editor
  10. Bringing Animations into the Game
  11. Scripting in Game Development
  12. Implementing Navigation and Path finding
  13. Building the Player and Allies
  14. Building the Enemies
  15. Creating Particle Systems
  16. Adding Audio to Game Levels
  17. Building the Camera and Player Selection System
  18. Designing User Interfaces for Games
  19. Building and Deploying the Game
  20. Preparing for Mobile Deployment

Fee Structure

Certification Only

15,000 (PKR)
  • You are Prepared, Appear in Certification Exam
  • 20% Discount to Students Only

Training & Certification

30,000 (PKR)
  • Get Trained by our Certified Professionals and Appear in Exam
  • 15% Discount Applied

Training Only

20,000 (PKR)
  • Get Trained by our Certified Professionals
  • No discount

Next Certification Event: 16-December-2017

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